Evaluation of uterine myomas during pregnancy using magnetic resonance imaging.

: Patients with infertility commonly undergo various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that may affect the future course of the pregnancy. In this presented case a female patient with infertility has been subjected to laparoscopic myomectomy and chromoscopy of the fallopian tubes, as it turned out later, 4 days after spontaneous conception. Due to severe pain in the 19th week of pregnancy the uterus area with the scar resulted from the removed myoma was visualised by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The MRI showed an active red degeneration in one of the myomas. At the same time the thickness of the uterus wall in previous myomectomy area was normal. The control MRI performed in the 36th week of pregnancy showed a hyaline degeneration of the myoma, underlying its dynamic refraction. The MRI approach enabled a non-invasive treatment and delivery in term.

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