Evaluation of selected indicators of overweight and obesity of Roma minority in the region of South Bohemia.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of our correlation study was to compare selected indicators of overweight and obesity of Roma and non-Roma (majority) populations in the South Bohemia Region or the Czech Republic.

METHODS: The following indicators were chosen for evaluation of overweight and obesity: body height and weight, waistline measurement, waist/height index, waist/hips index, BMI, total fat and blood pressure. 600 participants were examined and interviewed in total, including 302 Roma and 298 non-Roma participants. Each of the participants had a personal examination performed by a general nurse, under hygienic-epidemiological conditions. The criteria for inclusion of participants into the study were consent with examination and age greater than 18 years.

RESULTS: The statistical analysis showed that, at a level of significance of p < 0.001, the following values differed between the Roma and non-Roma population of the South Bohemia Region: waist/height index, waistline, total fat, body mass index (BMI), systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Differences in the incidence of the waist/hips index were significant at p < 0.01. Correlations of incidence with indicators of overweight and obesity in Roma were registered in relation to both age and gender of participants. The results show that overweight and obesity indicators were recorded more frequently in Roma female respondents. Although the results are unique, the conclusions cannot be generalized for Roma throughout the Czech Republic.

CONCLUSION: The conclusions of the above findings will be implemented in strategic materials for community planning in the South Bohemia Region. The goal will be to offer services aimed at supporting a healthy life style for Roma living in the South Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic.

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