Effects of Iscador preparations on the reactivity of mouse immune system.

OBJECTIVES: Anticancer preparations made from plants have been an object of scientific interest for many years. It is worth noting that as many as 25% of cytostatics used in the anticancer chemotherapy are obtained from plants. One of the medical preparations which significantly influences cell metabolism is Iscador. Iscador preparations are used as complementary therapy in the conventional anticancer treatment. These are aqueous extracts of mistletoe (Viscum album L.). One repeatedly finds that mistletoe (Viscum album L.) extracts show immune-modulating effects. THE AIM at the present work was to study the influence of iscador Qu, M, P at a dose 5 mg/kg b.w., on the total protein concentration in blood serum and proportions of blood protein fractions determined by electrophoresis. Additionally leukocyte activity was estimated, which, served as indicators of the immune system reactivity in mice treated with anticancer preparations of vegetable origin.

RESULTS: The experiment indicated statistically significant increase in albumin fraction level and lymphocyte count. Moreover, decrease of the total protein content, protein fractions globulins alpha2, beta, gamma and neutrophil, monocyte count in mouse serum was observed.

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