Decreased total serum adiponectin and its isoforms in women with acute ischemic stroke.

OBJECTIVE: An association between cerebral infarct risk factors and serum adiponectin levels (both total and separate isoforms) has previously been identified. The aim of this study was to assess circulating levels of all forms of adiponectin in the course of an ischemic stroke.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Adiponectin and its isoforms (HMW, MMW and LMW) were measured in serum samples taken from 38 women in the first 24 hours of cerebral infarct and 38 controls matched for gender, body mass index (BMI) and age. In addition, biochemical parameters (glucose, insulin, lipid profile) and clinical data (blood pressure, weight, and height) were evaluated.

RESULTS: A significant reduction in serum levels of adiponectin and all examined fractions of this adipokine was observed in women suffering from acute ischemic stroke, compared with the matched controls.

CONCLUSIONS: Differences in the serum adiponectin array between stroke subjects and controls were identified and further studies are required to investigate the clinical implications of this finding.

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