dbNEI: a specific database for neuro-endocrine-immune interactions.

OBJECTIVES: To construct a specific database for the neuro-endocrine-immune (NEI) interactions.

METHODS/RESULTS: Version 1.0 database for neuro-endocrine-immune (dbNEI) serves as a web-based knowledge resource specific for the NEI systems. dbNEI collects 1,058 NEI related signal molecules, their 940 interactions and 72 affiliated tissues from the Cell Signaling Networks database, manually selects 982 NEI papers from PubMed, and gives links to 27,848 NEI generally related genes from UniGene database. NEI related information, such as signal transductions, regulations and control subunits, is integrated. Especially, dbNEI represents as graphic visualization, by which control subunits can be automatically obtained according to the inquiring issues, the combinative queries and the NEI related diseases respectively.

CONCLUSIONS: dbNEI, which can be accessed at http://bioinfo.au.tsinghua.edu.cn/dbNEIweb/, provides a knowledge environment for understanding the main regulatory systems of NEI in a molecular level.