Czech Teratology Information Service: comparison of treatments by psychotropic and antiepileptic drugs.

OBJECTIVES: Care, treatment and follow-up in psychiatric and epileptic pregnant women were compared with women inquiring Czech Teratology Information Service (CZTIS) due to other exposure to drugs during pregnancy.

METHODS: Data were collected by CZTIS, member of European Network of Teratology Information Services from 1996. Exposed groups were compared with pregnant women exposed to drugs which were not classified as major teratogens or hyperthermia. Groups do not vary in age, reproductive history and other parameters.

RESULTS: We observed higher frequency of miscarriage and voluntary termination of pregnancy in the group of psychiatric patients. The number of malformation in prospective follow-up cases was lower than in control group.

CONCLUSIONS: Chronic diseases as epilepsy or psychiatric disorders have to be treated during pregnancy. Women should obtain accurate information about possible risk before pregnancy. Co-operation is needed in these cases. Physicians should keep in mind that appropriate information is to be given to the patient according to her disease, education and comprehension of the problem. If there is any doubt they should organize help for their patients.