Content of selected metals in muscle of cyprinid fish species from the Nitra River, Slovakia.

OBJECTIVES: This study presents a rate of bioaccumulation of some metal concentrations in the muscle of five common cyprinid fish species (gudgeon - Gobio gobio, Europen chub - Leuciscus cephalus, barbel - Barbus barbus, roach - Rutilus rutilus, and nase - Chondrostoma nasus).

DESIGN: Besides, correlations among selected metals as well as standard length and total weight and order of metal accumulation in the fish muscle were determined.

RESULTS: Recorded metal concentrations (mg/kg wet weight basis) ranged as follows: Fe 4.23-22.95, Mn 0.10-0.72, Zn 16.26-166.90, Cu 15.39-25.97, Ni 0.00-3.72, Pb 0.00-1.81, and Cd 0.00-0.11.

CONCLUSIONS: The Slovak permissible limit for Cu (10.0 mg/kg), Ni (0.5 mg/kg), Pb (0.2 mg/kg) and Cd (0.05 mg/kg) defined in the Codex Alimentarius for safe human consumption exceeded in 100%, 12%, 6% and 10% of analyzed samples for Cu, Ni, Pb and Cd respectively. On an average, the order of metal concentrations in the fish muscle was: Zn>Cu>Fe>Mn>Ni>Pb>Cd.

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