Complete objective response to biological therapy of plurifocal breast carcinoma.

: In this case presentation, a woman with breast carcinoma who chose to try Prof. L. DiBella's biological therapy (MDB), was found, after seven months, to have a 50% reduction in objective measures of her carcinoma and was totally cured after 14 months. The patient's recovery extended to bilateral axillary adenopathies, and took place without the toxicity normally associated with cancer treatment. MDB entails the use of anti-proliferative molecules such as somatostatine, prolactin, and estrogen inhibitors, along with differentiating and apoptotic molecules such as melatonin, retinoids, vitamins C, D3, and E, calcium, and amino-sugars, combined with minimal doses of chemotherapy. The hemato-chemical exams showed no damage, with a progressive reduction of prolactin, estradiol, IGF1, and maintenance of low levels of GH. The achievement of objective results, without toxicity, in this case, proves the effectiveness of this therapy and confirms the positive results already published on the use of MDB for Low-Grade NHL, and pulmonary carcinomas in the 3rd and 4th stages. MDB, without the need for either hospitalization or day hospitalization, without toxicity, and without even minimally reducing the patient's daily work routine, allowed the patient to avoid surgical trauma and the significant collateral effects of chemo- and radiotherapy. Timely use of MDB as the first line therapy, in a patient which had not been debilitated by the mutagenic, toxic, and immuno-depressive effects of chemo- and radiotherapy, contributed greatly to the final outcome. We feel it is useful to highlight this case in an effort to stimulate interest and further study into the oncological potential of MDB biological and receptor therapy.

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