Complete objective response of neuroblastoma to biological treatment.

OBJECTIVES: The combined use (MDB) of Somatostatin, Melatonin, Retinoids, Vitamins E, C, and D3, with Calcium, Chondroitin sulfate, and microdoses of Cyclophosphamide in a seven-month old baby affected by a voluminous retroperitoneal neuroblastoma measuring 4 x 8 cm produced a 50% objective response in six months, an almost total response in one year and a complete response at 14 months, with cure and absence of disease for over ten years.

RESULTS: This paper discusses the rationale and the molecular mechanisms of action of the treatment which has a differentiating, apoptotic and antiproliferative effect, preserving and enhancing both the trophism and functionality of organs and tissues, and the neuroimmunoendocrine and antiblastic homeostasis. This result is in agreement with the positive results already published on the use of the MDB in lymphoproliferative diseases, in stage III and IV lung cancer, in breast cancer and in cancers of the upper aerodigestive epithelia. Without the need for hospitalisation and with no toxicity, the MDB rapidly reduced and then eliminated the voluminous tumoral mass, allowing a normal quality of life and a perfectly normal psychophysical development.

CONCLUSIONS: We believe it is of use to report this case in order to invite greater interest in the oncological possibilities offered by the immunoneuroendocrine and biological-receptorial properties of the MDB treatment.

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