Coincidence of spinal tumor (astrocytoma) and non-specific encephalomyelitis.

: The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that differential diagnostics of intra-medullary spinal lesions can sometimes be very difficult, even when the latest complement examinations are used, including magnetic resonance imaging. The particular case dealt with here was complicated by the presence of two different pathological processes. We present the case report, where the case history, clinical course and results of the paraclinical examinations, including the magnetic resonance imaging, suggested an intra-medullary inflammatory/demyelinating process. The post-mortem histological finding was a surprise, because besides signs of non-specific encephalomyelitis, it also displayed signs of a spinal tumor (histological character of diffuse astrocytoma grade II-III). We would like to emphasize some important facts in our discussion, especially from the perspective of the magnetic resonance imaging. Finally, we would like to ask if the presence of both pathologies (astrocytoma and nonspecific myelitis) was coincidental, or if the myelitis had an iatrogenic etiology (by therapy, by infection during the lumbar punctions).

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