Coexisting acromegaly and primary empty sella syndrome.

: The normal functions of the pituitary gland may be suppressed when the gland is compressed onto the sella floor by arachnoid tissue extending through an impaired sella diaphragm. Interestingly, pituitary hormone hypo- and hypersecretion, including acromegaly, have been observed in patients with an 'empty sella'(1-4). This 'empty sella syndrome' has been classified into a primary form, in which no inciting factor (pituitary irradiation or surgery for a pituitary tumor) is present, and a secondary form, in which the empty sella occurs after pituitary procedures. In this report we describe a patient who presented with clinical and biochemical features of acromegaly and who had an empty sella on pituitary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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