Clinical analysis of Chinese infertility women with premature ovarian failure.

OBJECTIVE: Infertility is one of important issues in patients with premature ovarian failure (POF) during their reproductive life. This study would analyze the features of infertility women with POF.

PATIENTS: 138 Chinese infertility women with POF were accrued from the women who visited the Reproductive Medical Center in Shandong Provincal Hospital of Shandong University between May 2003 and November 2006.

METHOD: This study analyzed the clinical, etiology features and karyotype of 138 patients, then evaluates the effect of the therapy.

RESULTS: It showed that most patients' physical situation were suitable for assisted reproductive therapy. The infertility women with POF had high rate of abnormal karyotype (11/65, 16.92%) and lower severe autoimmune disorders rate (2/138,1.45%). Some of them demonstrated family aggregation. FSH was dropped apparently after estrogen-progesterone therapy (p<0.05). The spontaneous pregnancy incidence of the women was 2.17% (3/138).

CONCLUSION: The infertility women with POF were suitable for assisted reproductive therapy and donor oocyte could be an alternate way. Their high chromosomal abnormality rate showed the importance of genetic screening. And estrogen-progesterone therapy was beneficial for improving their endocrine environment.

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