Changes of poststimulatory plasma renin activity in women with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism in relation to therapy.

OBJECTIVE: The influence of thyroid hormones upon renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is poorly understood. Under basal conditions, individuals belong to normal, low or high plasma renin activity (PRA) subjects. The study was designed to evaluate basal and poststimulatory PRA and serum aldosterone (Aldo) level in patients with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism during therapy.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: We examined 73 women with hyperthyroidism, 27 women with hypothyroidism and 36 healthy controls. The patients were investigated before initiation of therapy and after attainment of euthyroid state. All subjects were investigated under basal conditions (normal-sodium diet) and after application of a low-sodium diet for three days and upright position for 3 hr. PRA, serum Aldo level, blood pressure, serum sodium, potassium and thyroid hormone levels were determined in all subjects. The subjects were classified as low PRA (<1.0 ng/ml/h), normal PRA (1.0-4.0 ng/ml/h) and high PRA (>4.0 ng/ml/h) individuals according to results obtained under basal conditions.

RESULTS: Relatively higher poststimulatory enhancement in PRA was found in patients with hyperthyroidism, especially those with low basal PRA, than in those with hypothyroidism. In women with thyroid dysfunctions poststimulatory increase in Aldo were relative lower than poststimulatory enhancement of PRA. After therapy these difference disappeared. The poststimulatory changes in PRA depended on the basal PRA.

CONCLUSIONS: Poststimulatory PRA is higher in hyperthyroid women, especially those with low basal PRA. In women with hypothyroidism, basal and poststimulatory PRA is low. Blood pressure and severity of thyroid dysfunction was found to be similar in the patients with low, normal or high basic PRA. In women with thyroid dysfunctions, serum Aldo level and its relative poststimulatory increments are inadequate to changes of PRA; it is suggested that the dissociation in the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system occurs in hyperthyroid and hypothyroid women.

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