Cerebral malaria complicated with coma, multiorgan failure and psychosocial sequellae observed among non-immune travelers to Benin, Sudan and Madagascar.

  Vol. 34 (Suppl 1) 2013 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2013; 34(Suppl 1): 43-44 PubMed PMID:  24013608    Citation

OBJECTIVE: Severe malaria represents less than 10% of all malaria cases and is associated with significant mortality. The aim of this case series was to review severe malaria cases in travelers within the last 10 years in Slovakia.

METHODS: All cases of severe malaria in travelers reported within last 10 years from the Inpatient Department in Slovakia to the Slovak Tropical Institute (STI) are reviewed. Only those traveling as tourist to Sub-Saharan Africa were included.

RESULTS: During the last 10 years, eight (n=8) cases of cerebral malaria were reported, of which only one died (12.5%). Seven of all 8 cases had deep coma (87.5%), 4 (50%) required ventilator support, 4 (50%) required dialysis, 5 (62.5%) had liver failure and 6 (75%) had severe acidosis.

CONCLUSION: Severe malarial cases were rarely detected among travelers returning to Slovakia within last 10 years. In survivors usually no sequellae remained. One patient treated with quinine alone died.