C-arm CT guided percutaneous vertebroplasty for pain release in cancer patient with cervical 1 vertebral metastases: A case report.

  Vol. 45 (1) 2024 Neuro endocrinology letters Case Reports   2024; 45(1): 1-6 PubMed PMID:  38295423    Citation

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and treatment outcome of C-arm CT percutaneous vertebroplasty in the treatment of cervical 1 (C1) vertebral metastases. METHODS: This report recruited a male patient diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma and C1 vertebral metastases, who had suffered from severe neck pain symptoms and the analgesic showed little soothing effect. Under the guidance of C-arm CT, an 18G coaxial needle was used to puncture the left lateral mass of C1 vertebral metastases from lateral space between thyroid cartilage and the left carotid sheath, with 2 ml bone cement injected. RESULTS: Postoperative C-arm CT three-dimensional reconstruction scan showed that the bone cement was well filled and distributed in the left lateral mass of C1 vertebral body, and no leakage of bone cement was observed. The neck pain of the patients was significantly relieved one week after the operation. CONCLUSION: Under the guidance of C-arm CT, cement augmentation using percutaneous vertebroplasty in an anterior cervical direction could serve as a safe and effective pain relief approach for patients with C1 vertebral metastases.

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