Borderline personality disorder and recovery.

  Vol. 41 (6) 2021 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2021; 41(6): 308-317 PubMed PMID:  33714243    Citation

: Recovery focuses on the broader concept of having a good life with mental health problems than remission. This review aims to deliver up-to-date information on the concept of recovery in borderline personality disorder. A computerized database search was conducted in PubMed and Web of Science sites, using various combinations of keywords for the period between January 1990 and April 2020. According to current findings, a full remission or complete disappearance of symptoms of a borderline personality disorder usually does not occur soon after the initiation of treatment, but recovery is an achievable goal. A precondition for recovery is the patient's responsibility for their health. Apart from psychotherapy and psychosocial rehabilitation, pharmacotherapy can help individuals with BPD improve their quality of life and can provide significant aid on their path to recovery.

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