Biology of cancer: thermodynamic answers to some questions.

  Vol. 22 (6) 2001 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2001; 22(6): 413-416 PubMed PMID:  11781537    Citation  Keywords:  Humans, Neoplasms:diagnosis, Thermodynamics,.   

: All the theories of carcinogenesis have properly described this event from methodologically different points of view (medical, biological, social, biochemical psychological etc.). The point is that one should understand the thermodynamical rules underlying each of these approaches. On this level of knowledge, quantum thermodynamics combines matter and energy, while technical quantization in a novel way differentiates precancerous states as the dissipathogenic ones from the neoplasms as the newly formed dissipative structures (systems). From the essential nature of the neoplasm one can derive some general rules of therapy which focus mainly on: 1 degrees prevention and therapy of the dissipathogenic states, 2 degrees strengthening of the regenerative and defensive mechanisms of the organism and, finally, 3 degrees removal of neoplastic changes as widely as necessary but also as sparingly as possible. For a long time, these rules have been observed in reverse order. That cannot improve the medical outcome, which has not changed for a few dozen years, i.e. recovery depending on the clinical level at the moment of the diagnosis.

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