Biology of cancer: some questions to answer.

  Vol. 22 (5) 2001 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2001; 22(5): 326-329 PubMed PMID:  11600873    Citation  Keywords:  Cell Division, Hormones:physiology, Humans, Mutation, Neoplasms:etiology,.   

: Though great advances in cancer biology have taken place through these years, some fundamental questions are still to be explained. Some observations in this regard are discussed in the present paper. In the course of experimental studies on hormonal stimulation of target cells, it was observed that goat granulosa cells showed differential proliferative response to sustained stimulation by oLH and hCG in culture. oLH caused cells to proliferate whereas hCG failed to stimulate the cells though both the gonadotropins have common receptors on the target cell. Further studies might throw some light on the mechanism of signal transduction in cell biology and neoplasia. A question is also posed as to how to interpret thermodynamically the sustained growth of cancer vis-a-vis the host.

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