Articles by author - Sylva Bártlová

Prevention of patient falls in hospitals in the Czech Republic.

THEORY: The prevention of patient falls is one of the safety goals set forth by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


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Patient misidentification in nursing care.

GOAL: The goal of the study was to assess the opinions of nurses regarding patient safety associated with patient misidentification. The i.....

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Selected aspects of "safety culture" in hospitals of the Czech Republic.

THEORETICAL BACKGROUND: Patient safety is a strategic goal of managers of all health care facilities in the Czech Republic. The developmen.....

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The nurse's role in preventive care in the field of community nursing.

OBJECTIVES: According to published reports from the WHO, health care is undergoing a transformation that reflects the increasing .....

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Quality of life in patients with chronic diseases.

OBJECTIVES: A quality of life assessment is of great importance for patients with chronic diseases, because problems caused by specific di.....

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