Bacteremic meningitis is associated with inferior outcome in comparison to community acquired meningitis without bacteremia.

: Meningitis associated with bacteremia is rare. Bacteremic form of meningitis occurred in 28 of 201 cases of community acquired meningitis (14%) in Slovakia within last 17 years. Bacteremic meningitis was associated with diabetes (21.4% vs. 7.5%, p=0.02) and with higher treatment failures (32.1% vs. 9.5%, p=0.01) and higher mortality (25% vs. 12.4%, NS). In univariate analysis comparing 28 cases of bacteremic community acquired bacterial meningitis (BCBM) to all CBM, no significant risk factor concerning underlying disease (cancer, ENT infection, alcohol abuses, trauma, splenectomy, etc.) or etiology was observed apart of diabetes mellitus, which was more common among bacteremic meningitis (21.4% vs. 7.5%, p=0.02). Mortality (25% vs. 12.4%, NS) insignificantly but therapy failure (32.1% vs. 9.5%, p=0.01) was significantly more frequently observed among meningitis with bacteremia. N. meningitis was the commonest causative agent (8 of 28 cases) followed by Str. pneumoniae (6), gram-negative bacteria (6), S. aureus (4) and H. influenzae (2).