Autologous biograft and mesenchymal stem cells in treatment of the diabetic foot.

OBJECTIVES: This study was performed to test a new technique for treatment of chronic non-healing wound (diabetic ulcer) using autologous biograft composed of autologous skin fibroblasts on biodegradable collagen membrane (Coladerm) in combination with autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) derived from the patient's bone marrow.

DESIGN: The bone marrow aspirate of the patient with diabetic foot was applied directly to the wound and injected into the edges of the wound, finally covered with prepared autologous biograft. The patient received two additional treatments with cultured MSC on day 7 and 17.

RESULTS: The wound showed a steady overall decrease in wound size and an increase in the vascularity of the dermis and in the dermal thickness of the wound bed after 29 days of combined treatment.

CONCLUSIONS: Closing and healing of the non-healing diabetic ulcer was achieved by using the given combined therapy.