Application of MR spectroscopy and treatment approaches in a patient with extrapituitary growth hormone secreting macroadenoma.

: MR spectroscopy (MRS) of hormonally active pituitary adenomas has not been published in literature. We report MR imaging and spectroscopy findings in a 41-year-old man with extrapituitary growth hormone-secreting adenoma. Application of the single voxel proton MRS, SE 135 technique, with voxel size 11x11x11 mm, revealed the elevated choline peak (resonance at 3.2 ppm) in the paramedial aspect of the tumor, while no metabolic activity in the mentioned region was noted using the same method 11 months after Lanreotide treatment. Elevation of choline peak in functional pituitary adenomas could represent an active marker of cellular proliferation, compatible with increased hormonal activity.

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