A review on cancer--psychospiritual status interactions.

  Vol. 22 (3) 2001 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2001; 22(3): 175-180 PubMed PMID:  11449195    Citation  Keywords:  Emotions, Humans, Immune Tolerance, Neoplasms:immunology, Neuroimmunomodulation, Pineal Gland:physiology, Sexuality,.   

: With the advances in the knowledge of neuroimmunomodulation, a new era of investigations about the chemical basis of the state of mind has been initiated. Both emotions and states of spiritual consciousness may influence immune functions and cancer growth. Stress, anxiety and depressive states are associated with immunosuppression and enhanced frequency of tumors. On the other hand, the states of sexual pleasure and spiritual joy enhance the immune efficacy, by counteracting tumor onset and dissemination. The biochemistry of pleasure and immunostimulation is mainly mediated by pineal indoles and cannabinergic substances, whereas that of stress, anxiety and depression is associated with enhanced production of adrenal steroids, opioids and catecholamines. The sexual repression would allow a progressive immunosuppression through a profound damage in the biochemistry of pleasure. Therefore, a better definition of psychospiritual status-associated neuroimmunochemistry could allow us to improve the immune dysfunction by acting on the same neuroendocrine secretions which are involved in mediating the psychic influence on the immunity, including that against cancer.

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