A novel polymorphism of the porcine prolactin gene (PRL).

: Prolactin is a protein hormone playing a role in the maintenance of pregnancy in the pig by action on corpora lutea cells and possibly initiating production of progesterone. The prolactin gene is 10 kb in size and is composed of 5 exons and 4 introns. The present work is a report of the swine PRL gene--comparative DNA sequence analysis and the SNP revealed in the promoter region. Based on the bovine prolactin gene, three primer pairs were designed using the Primer3 on-line software. The overlapping fragments covered about 400 nucleotides of the promoter and 78 nucleotides of exon 1. The fragments were amplified; two of them were sequenced and deposited in the GenBank database (AY341908 and AY905690). All fragments were analyzed using multitemperature SSCP (MSSCP) technique. Only one fragment appeared to show a different MSSCP pattern. The samples of differing MSSCP conformers were sequenced and the C499T transition was identified in the 5'UTR region of the gene. The HphI restriction enzyme appeared to recognize the novel SNP. The alignment for homology analysis was performed with porcine, bovine (X01452) and human (NM_000948) DNA sequences available in GenBank database, using BLAST software. The comparative homology analysis results varied in dependence on the species and functional region of the gene.