Articles by author - Mariana Mrazova

Preparation of apo-cytochrome b5 utilizing heme transfer to apo-myoglobin.

OBJECTIVES: Cytochrome b5 (cyt b5), a component of endoplasmic reticulum membrane, plays a role in modulation of activity of several cytoc.....

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Comparison of potential markers of the biological age of healthy male adults and paraplegics.

: The actual level of the true aging of an organism is characterized by its biological age. By the means of measuring the function ability.....

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Etiology, Risk Factors and Outcome of 1003 Cases of Infective Endocarditis from a 33-year National Survey in the Slovak Republic: An increasing proportion of elderly patients.

BACKGROUND: Infective endocarditis (IE) is still a significant cause of mortality in European hospitals, despite of the fact, that large n.....

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